Arnold FusBoxe Champions

We are excited to share that we have a two champions coming out of the Arnold Tournament in Chicago from March 4-6.  Amy Walker and Jamie Claeys both competed and did AMAZING.

Fusboxe Champions come home with 2 Golds in Sambo.


They made their weight category!


Amy psyching up for the fight.

Amy Walker wins in 30 sec by seating Armbar.


She fights, she WINS GOLD!


We met Bo Yurko.


I grew up loving Don The Dragon Wilson martial art movies. Finally got to meet him and talk for a while.



Arnold Fitness Expo


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Some of our very own logo-transBLACK members will be competing in this event.  Come on out to cheer them on, and/or come out to the gym to help them train and get prepared.

We are so excited to see how committed they are to doing their best.  If you are looking for a great community of people as well as a place to get active and healthy, we would love to have you with us.  Give us a call, or call in to find out our specials.


Burn off those Holiday Calories with us

Busy busy day at the gym today! If you took some time off during the holidays let’s start back up the habit of training! There’s plenty of classes today so that makes for a ton of time to get your butt through the door!
12:00-2:00- BOA
4:30-5:00- kiddos class
5:00-6:00- teens competition
5:00-6:00- BOA
6:00-7:00- striking
7:00-8:00- BJJ
the gym will be opening in just a few hours so be sure to work it into your schedule today! Let’s pack the mats!

New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time AGAIN.  People making their New Year’s Resolutions that brings the people to sign up for a gym membership somewhere.  They start coming good and strong in January, but by the end of February, most have tapered off and it is back to the core group again.

Gym memberships need to be very personal to you.  You need to find what you love, you need to find a community that you fit in.  Memberships and Gyms aren’t a “one size fits all.”

What keeps people from coming back or coming in at all?  We would love to hear your thoughts on what tends to keep you out.