40+ year old man who wants to win again?

I understand the battle of age. As an aging athlete born in 1970, it’s a strategy to remain competitive in the martial arts, not luck. If you’re over 40 and still want to truly live, contact me ASAP. Text 40 to 720-207-3860 to set up a free private training session at FusBoxe Sambo 1. 
20+ year old man ready to take on the world?

Young athletes need opportunities to showcase their skill, athleticism and dedication. Our facility in Westminster Colorado has everything you need to succeed! Get ready to live! Sambo 1 has a strong history of helping young people accomplish their athletic goals, from loosing weight, to competing in some of the largest fight promotions in the world! Whatever your goal is, it’s valuable, and we have a program for you. Text the number 20 to 720-207-3860 to claim a free private lesson!  

Teenage boy with frustration?

Being a kid is difficult, it requires a community to guide youth to success. At FusBoxe Sambo 1, our youth program is focused on long term youth development and martial arts training. 

Youth starting at age 7, will train in a diversified regimen of martial arts and weight lifting. Text YOUTH to 720-207-3860 AND claim your free week. 

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