How You Can Benefit

Martial Arts Training in Westminster Colorado. Train Sambo and combat sambo directly under a Pan American Combat Sambo champion, right here in Westminster Colo. Our unique system of training Sambo allows the system to compete in Kickboxing, Judo, Sambo and Jiu-jitsu, this is why our motto is “Any style any place”. Sambo, arguably the most battle tested martial Art in the world, is exclusively available at FusBoxe Sambo 1.

Kickboxing, how does it fit into Sambo? Answer, Combat Sambo. Striking is the separation between Sambo and Combat Sambo, our proven and tried striking system can be used in conjunction with Sambo or as a stand alone sport for Kick Boxing or self defense.Sambo is unique in it’s ability to be trained as complete system, but utilized in other sports, like Kick Boxing, Karate, Bjj, Jiujitsu, MMA.

Contact us today- Text “SAMBO1” to 720-207-3860, for 1 free private trial lesson.