Wrestling Camp


This wrestling camp is designed with 3 types of people in mind:

  • New wrestlers
  • Wrestlers with scholastic athletic goals
  • Wrestlers hoping to obtain a high level of performance after high school

The Fuse wrestling camp will be regularly addressing wrestling technique as it is imperative to the success of each athlete. Technique, speed and strength are the 3 areas that require long term guided training to improve. The Fuse wrestling camp will provide in-depth guided training in these three areas, improved cardio will be a side effect.

For wrestlers wanting to try out the program, single month program enrollments are accepted.

For committed serious athletes, long term gains are the path to success. This program will run until the week prior to the start of wrestling season 2016. Participants that follow the program can expect to see serious long term gains in all aspects of performance and stature.

This camp is an ALL school ALL wrestler invite

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