Russian SAMBO is the the national Combat Sport of Russia. Americans would better understand SAMBO as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with a ranking system. FusBoxe MMA and SSS SAMBO for MMA has helped and trained star athletes such as Raquel Pennington of the UFC, Daniel Gallemore and many other Pro and amateur athletes. MMA fighters reach training goals in Fight cards like the UFC, Invicta Fighting Championships, Glory, Bellator, RFA, ROF and more! Try a free training session and see if SSS SAMBO is a Martial Art class for you.


A combat sport focusing on grappling for leverage and ground fighting. BJJ has quickly became the dominant ground fighting Martial Art in America. Train BJJ in a class 4 times a week with a lot of open mat time to master your training!


Boxing is the world’s foremost dominant hand or punching style in the world. FusBoxe has helped both fighters and students reach personal goals using Boxing. We have a strong Boxing Team and a comprehensive Boxing Training Staff made up of Colorado Golden Glove contenders and Pro Boxer Adrian Mora (IBA World Champion and NBA Title Holder). Private Lesson Training is available! Contact FusBoxe for details!


FusBoxe MMA in Westminster Colorado has produced a long lineage in Kick-Boxing in both Colorado and on a National and World level. FusBoxe Combat Athletes have taken first place in the Colorado Muay-Thai championships. Pro kick-boxer Maureen Baby Face Riordon won Glory 16 World Series of Fighting, the top Kick-Boxing card in the world.


Tired of basic workouts? BOA Strength and Conditioning is an exciting program geared to get the results you want! You will train everything from timed station workouts to single events. Learn Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, Battle Rope, Atlas Stones, Tire Flips and more! This training is designed for everyone! Train at your own level! Join our Fitness Team and get the results and community you want!


At FusBoxe we build champion Martial Artists. Starting a youth off right is one of the most important jobs in the world. Our youth martial art program teaches kids winning characteristics and techniques for both on the mat and life. FusBoxe MMA’s youth Martial Art training your Kids can learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), SSS-SAMBO Grappling, Wrestling, Judo, Kick-Boxing and Boxing! Youth also learn Kettle Bells, Olympic Lifting, Battle Ropes, Proper Basic Weight Lifting Technique! American Schools no longer physically train our children properly. This is where FusBoxe Mixed Martial Arts Training in Westminster Colorado steps in! Call today for a FREE Trial membership!


Children learn the mind-body awareness and skills necessary to graduate into the Youth 7+ class, focusing on the basic fundamentals and positions of Sambo and BJJ. Tumbling, Kettle Bells and light-weight training along with Martial Arts Training is standard education and PT in this class!


This training program is designed for the self-defense practitioner. This Martial Art Training covers Gun and Knife Defense, multiple-attacker defense, and rape-defense for women. Learn civilian tactics based in Russian, American and Israeli special operation tactics. The tactical training had to be modified from original form and function due to civilians not being dressed, armed, or armored like military personnel. Train Self-Defense with the SSS SAMBO Fight System in Westminster Colorado. Special training classes and certifications available for Police, Security, and Military. SSS SAMBO System is the official Hand to Hand Tactical Training Program of XCaliber Personal Security and Sullivan Survival Systems.


SSS Tactical Knife Defense is instructed in offensive knife skill awareness followed by defensive tactics. SSS knife fight instructors teach all aspects of knife offense to create awareness of the capabilities of a knife and a knife attacker. After an adequate level of offensive skill is gained, defensive tactics are instructed in both slow and fast reactions. SSS Tactical Knife training is intended for both real world and sport tournament use. FusBoxe Martial Arts hosts the Colorado Knife Fight Open several times a year to allow knife defense and offensive tactics to be tested and graded.


This wrestling camp is designed with 3 types of people in mind:

  • New wrestlers
  • Wrestlers with scholastic athletic goals
  • Wrestlers hoping to obtain a high level of performance after high school

The Fuse wrestling camp will be regularly addressing wrestling technique as it is imperative to the success of each athlete. Technique, speed and strength are the 3 areas that require long term guided training to improve. The Fuse wrestling camp will provide in-depth guided training in these three areas, improved cardio will be a side effect.

For wrestlers wanting to try out the program, single month program enrollments are accepted.

For committed serious athletes, long term gains are the path to success. This program will run until the week prior to the start of wrestling season 2016. Participants that follow the program can expect to see serious long term gains in all aspects of performance and stature.

This camp is an ALL school ALL wrestler invite

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